Matt Langridge,  British bronze medalist in men's eight rowing

Alex Donnovan, Has been fencing for 8 years

Kate Trafford  

Cameron and Robinson  

Francoise Chapman  

Mia Jones  

King David Bazzoni, from Italy  

Steffi Dörries, Ines-Aschenbrennel & Linda Wankammer, From Germany

Tyson Chandler, representing Team USA in basketball

Luis Depoilly, from France

Lindsay Butler  

Andrea Castano, from London  

Callum Erant  

Oliver De Gennaro  

Lynsey Roddam  

Lyndsey Corell, from Yorkshire  

Christina Tsangars, from Muswell Hill  

Hannah Robinson  

Klev del Dyer

Hannah White  

Pettigiani, Dadone, Nichel, from Spain

Chelsea Clarke  

Luisa Berhasconi, from Sweden

Paul Gonzales  

Lindsay Word and John Bowdery  

Dutch crew, in support of the Netherlands  

Demae Wodu  


Hopkins and Mcdivitt From Liverpool

Delgado and Costall, from Spain

Elena Garcia, from Italy  

Joanna Rohousha, from Romania

Sean Wales, from West Midlands  

Ayman Fayez,  representing Egypt in fencing at 2012 Olympics

Tim Baillie, Gold medalist in men's double canoe. representing team GB

Steven Fraser, Team USA coach  

Mark Hawkins, representing Team GB in handball at 2012 Olympics

Ciaran Williams & Bobby White Representing Team Great Britain in handball at the 2012 Olympics

Team Great Britain, in men's handball

Lawrence Okenwa  

Magnus Hansen,  from The Netherlands

Jaeeun Lee  

Jonas Oren  

H.K. Vincent, from Yorkshire  

Aleksanders Samoilovs, Representing Latvia in beach volleyball at 2012 Olympics

Janet Dutch, from Essex  

Shen Yanfei and Li Qian  

Ellingham and Nielsen  

Albert Jansen  

Auejaudra Beuirez, representing Venezuela in Fencing at the 2012 Olympics

Demaija Stewart  

Caitlin Parry  

Jack Wilkinson, from London